Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Drumbeater: Clive Allan

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The Drumbeater Clive Allan

What a thoroughly absorbing and interesting read this was. A cold case wartime mystery set in the present day Scottish Highlands, written by an ex-policeman turned author who has described the atmosphere and the landscape of the surroundings with such descriptive detail that I felt as if I was right there at times. Reminded me of holidays spent in the Highlands and made me feel like packing a bag to return there straight away, or at least once I'd read the book right through to the end.

Snippets of well researched military history, interspersed with historic family mysteries and steady and methodical police work and procedures.

There are several twists and turns that leave the reader wondering who exactly the culprit or culprits were, and an interesting new detective DI Neil Strachan, a no-nonsense straightforward and thorough copper who just gets on with the job, but trusts his instincts and intuitions along the way. A remarkable debut novel and I really hope there will be a whole series to read. A TV series would be excellent with all that scenery to admire as well. What's not to like.
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